massive Pink DiamondIf you love incredible colored diamonds and you have a few million – well, more than a few million – to burn, you’re in luck. The venerable Christie’s auction house wi, on November 10th, be selling one of the rarest and most valuable diamons on the face of this earth.

A 16.08 ct. fancy vivid pink diamond will go on the block in Geneva and it’s expected to draw bids of at least $23 million. “ Fancy” diamonds are those that come in unusual colors like pinks blues and greens. “Vivid” is a measure of color intensity. Jewelers use a scale of color intensity grading that runs from “faint” to “fancy light” and on to “fancy vivid” and “fancy deep.” (See an interesting article on diamond color grading here.)

The diamond to be auctioned is set in a ring, surrounded smaller diamonds set in platinum. But most of the value derived from the large diamond itself. Square cut or pear-shaped, rocks like this don’t love their shape.

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