Welcome to the site! I started Celtic Jewelry Designers in 2014 to create a marketplace where you can find the very best pieces of Celtic jewelry available today, from designers who are bringing new creativity to classic Celtic motifs.

A nice Celtic knot, Claddagh or Triquetera piece can fit in beautifully with your style, whether you like European, classic American, Deco or any other type of design. Great pieces of Celtic jewelry can are real conversation starters, because they’re more than pretty designs. The old motifs they use carry real meanings about friendship, love and eternity.

We don’t allow just any vendor to sell through this site. We make a real effort to choose people who are committed to quality, and who bring something exciting to Celtic style. We also get to know our vendors, to make sure they have a real commitment to service that can make you comfortable buying from our site. It’s been great to meet outstanding jewelers like Brian de Staic or John Condron (of Fado) and learn more about how they approach the creation of fine new pieces.

I’m an Irish American, but I strongly believe you don’t need to have any Celtic heritage to enjoy collected the pieces we show on this site. I’m always on the lookout for exciting new designers who work in this style. If you are making great Celtic jewelry, or you have any ideas on how this site could serve you better as a buyer, I hope you’ll feel free to contact me.

Stay in touch!

Robert Sullivan