Irish Celtic Jewels was started in Dublin in 2003 by Leigh Maher, a native of the fair city with a family heritage in the jewelry trade. He’s developed a clientele largely in the U.S. of people who like to celebrate their Irish heritage. “We see lots of Irish sounding names on our orders from New York, Boston and other American cities” he says.

Over the years he sees the biggest change in the market has been a move from gold to more pieces made of silver and other materials. The reason is simple: the price of gold has skyrocketed, putting it out of reach for some. The popularity of the ancient knot and other Celtic motifs has remained strong over the years. Many of the buyers of Celtic jewelry also like to visit Ireland, a reason he writes a good deal about travel destinations and culture on his blog and Facebook page.

Ireland, he says, is still emerging from the economic plunge of 2008. “It’s improving here” he says, “though the ordinary person in the street still isn’t necessarily feeling it yet.” But Dublin still has it’s great character and, of course, lots of great pubs to stop in.

All of Irish Celtic Jewels’ pieces are tested for purity and hallmarked at the Dublin assay office. For the buyer, that means an absolute guarantee that a piece advertised as 14k or 18k does, in fact, contain the correct percentage of gold.

Irish Celtic Jewels was the first jeweler to join in 2014. We’re happy to have Leigh working with us!