Titanium Rings Studio began as an experiment by my good friend Eric Pless. While living in a cabin ina remote area of the Sierra Nevada foothills, Eric was once handed a piece of titanium pipe. He decided to craft it into a ring. Before very long, he was earning a living by selling earrings made out of anodized titanium.

From such humble beginnings, Titanium Rings Studio grew into a full fledged enterprise. Eventually the studio was moved out of Eric’s small cabin to Grass Valley, CA, the closest city, with a total staff of three, including myself. As the studio grew, Eric asked me to handle the daunting job of administration.

As one of the very first online businesses to offer titanium jewelry, Titanium Rings Studio saw huge success early on. Since then, we have pared the business down to myself and craftsman extraordinaire Jacob Hansard. Our operation is a good deal more modest than it was during the early days, but we enjoy the simplicity of just two of us running the studio.

The administration and customer service desk are run out of my home, while Jacob creates all our rings in his home studio. We meet each morning around 10:30 to go over business at hand. He brings me all the completed rings to be shipped and I give him our new orders to fill. The modest size of our business allows us to give great service to every one of our customers!

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