The allure of rings comes not only from their beauty, but from the way the symbolize things ranging from love and marriage to social status. For lots of Celtic ring wearers, they also symbolize a strong link to heritage.

One of the more amazing collection of historical rings in the world is now on display at New York’s Cloisters Museum, a great place to visit any time at all. Called “Treasure and Talismans: Rings From The Griffin Collection,” and it’s quite an exploration of the beauty of rings and the role they played in the lives of Bishops, merchants, kings, brides and others down through the ages. Among the pieces showcased are a Roman key ring and a curious little German “gimmel” ring from 1631 comprised of two hoops that fit together like a puzzle – beautiful, if not very practical.

Other unusual pieces include a strange Octahedral diamond ring from the 3rd century, a hunting ring from 1500, a Bishop’s ring from the 7th century and an “ostrogothic” gemstone ring from the year 500 that looks as modern as anything designed in the last five years. There’s no Irish jewelry here, but several pieces have a distinctly Celtic look about them – particularly some ring brooches from the 13th and 14th centuries (see photos below). It may be the most unusual collection of rings you’ll ever come across, and it’s on display through October 18th. Find out more about the exhibit here.

amazing ring broochjewelry from centuries ago
stunning collection of ancient  rings

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