counterfeit jewelryCompetition in the jewelry business has pushed even some large retailers to play a bit fast and loose with the brand names on what they’re selling. If you’re buying brand-name jewelry, you want to make sure you ask questions and make sure you’re getting what you actually want.

Witness the case of Costco. A judge has just ruled that the large retailer labeled pieces as Tiffany that weren’t really from the famous jeweler, in a way the confused consumers.
It’s an example of how a brand identity can get confusing at the retail level. This particular case involves Costco labeling certain rings as having a “Tiffany setting,” something that, in truth, is often used generically to describe a ring design rather than a piece actually made by Tiffany. But New York federal judge Laura Taylor Swain ruled that Costco went further, showing pictures of Costco rings alongside Tiffany pieces in a way seemed confusing.

It’s pretty obvious that you shouldn’t be looking for Tiffany rings at a discount retailer. But if you are shopping for jewelry from a major brand at any retail jeweler, it’s smart to ask for confirmation that what you’re getting is the real deal and not a lookalike product. Read more here.

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