Since Celtic Jewelry Designers is a marketplace comprised of independent jewelers, returns, refunds and exchanges are taken care of differently from one vendor to another.

Each seller on Celtic Jewelry Designers has his or her own policy on refunds and returns. A link to that policy is displayed on the home page for each vendor’s shop. You can also find all our vendor’s returns and refund policy by clicking here.

Canceling A Purchase
Many of our vendors have restrictions on returns, because pieces of jewelry – rings in particular – are often custom made according to each individual buyer’s request. If you have a question about an product before you buy it, we strongly suggest that you contact the seller before making your purchase. There is a “contact us” link within the terms and conditions pages for each vendor. If you have any trouble getting a response from a vendor, please click here to contact us by email and we will expedite your communication.

To Contact A Seller
Celtic Jewelry Designers is a venue where sellers and buyers interact. Please be aware than when you make a purchase from one of our vendors, you are buying directly from the vendor and not from Celtic Jewelry Designers.

Celtic Jewelry Designers is not directly involved in any transactions between our buyers and sellers. If you have any problem as a buyer we encourage you to communicate directly with the seller. You may feel free to ask the vendor any questions you have about shipping, product design, their return policies or processing time.

If you wish to contact a seller, there are two ways to do so. First, go the vendor’s shop page, where you will find a link that will allow you to email the vendor directly with any questions. Most vendors also have their phone numbers posted in their shop pages. Second, in your shopping cart you will see a field “order notes” which will also allow you to send a note to your vendor.

If You Cannot Resolve A Problem With Your Order
As noted above, Celtic Jewelry Designers is a venue. We do not handle, pack or ship any products and we only receive a small percentage of the revenue from your purchase. If you don’t receive and order or what you get is not what you purchased, please try to get in touch with the vendor directly and resolve your issue, as the vendor is in a much better position to get you the right product or take a refund – if their store policy permits refunds. We know all our vendors personally — we make a point of working only with jewelers who have excellent reputations for taking care of customers.

If you absolutely cannot resolve your problem with the vendor, please click here to contact us by email. We will make every effort to investigate the problem, find out if you have been victimized in any way and attempt to resolve the problem to your satisfaction. If we feel a vendor is doing anything fraudulent, we will close their shop on Be aware, however, that because most of your purchase price goes directly to the vendor and not to Celtic Jewelry Designers, we can tell a vendor to refund your purchase and, if appropriate, pursue legal remedies to force them to do so. But we may not be able to compel them to issue a refund. Please also be aware that any refunds through a purchase made with PayPal must be refunded by PayPal and not by Celtic Jewelry Designers.

Both our buyers and sellers are very important to us. If, as a buyer, you are unable to resolve a problem with one of our vendors, please let us know and we will make every effort to solve your problem.