For three years, experts who have been gradually picking their way through a mass of 70,000 ancient gold coins known as the “Grouville Hoard”Grouville Hoard Celtic torque on Jersey in the Channel Islands. Now they’ve found what may be the most unique and valuable piece of all: a large Celtic “torc” style necklace that may be one of the rarest pieces of Celtic jewelry, or any kinds of jewelry, in the world.

Conservator Neil Mahrer says there are only about 150 true Celtic torcs (sometimes spelled “torques”) on earth. Five others have been found on Jersey, the recently discovered piece is the largest and most unique. It’s believed to have been worn by Celtic royalty. Though not a great deal is known about the tribe these treasures came from, it’s clear that they liked gold and had a great deal of it. About 70,000 gold coins have been found so far. The torcs were apparently important enough to Celtic princes and princesses that they chose to be buried in them.

Read more about the coins and the torcs in the Jersey hoard here.

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