Your wedding day is the best of all moments to express eternal devotion and loyalty, and there are no better symbols to do that than the knot and Claddagh designs on Celtic wedding rings. It’s little wonder that they’re incredibly popular with couples who want to bring style and symbolism to their big day.

Celtic knots trace back to the book of Kells in Dublin and have become associated with spirituality. The continuous nature of the knots expresses a sense of endlessness and eternal promise. Often intertwined with hearts, the knots are widely accepted today as a symbol of love. (Learn more about the symbolism behind Celtic knots here)

Mo Anam Cara is another type of popular celtic wedding ring. The phrase translates literally from the old Irish as “my soul mate.” The old world Celts actually believed that it was necessary to find you mo anam cara to bring your own inner spirituality to life.

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On the most contemporary front, we’ve found some very sharp titanium wedding bands that couples are buying to get an unusual look on their little fingers come wedding day. Titanium is super strong and light as a feather, and you can pick your own finish and sizing very precisely. Our vendor Titanium Rings Studio offers many of them as his and hers wedding bands.

Some Celtic wedding rings that are hot these days:

titanium celtic wedding band his and hersA cool pair of his and hers titanium Celtic “infinity” wedding rings.

gold and white gold ladies claddagh wedding bandA super sleek ladies’ Claddagh wedding band in yellow gold with a white gold center.

mo anam cara gold wedding ring from irelandIf you’re ready to splurge, here’s a lovely Mo Anam Cara wedding ring in gold.

ladies knot and Claddagh wedding ring in gold from IrelandA great slender ladies wedding ring in gold, featuring both Claddah and Celtic knot designs.

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