If you want to know more about some of the most ancient, most original and purest Celtic designs in jewelry and all sorts of other things, we’ve got just the website for you. Balkancelts is a cool blog that looks back at Celtic icons and art from Eastern Europe and Asia Minor. The Celts, remember, did not only exist in Ireland. In fact, they really emerged from continental Europe and simply wound up in Ireland near the end of their long cultural and military reign.

Balcancelts covers ancient fortresses in Serbia, coins, jewelry and other artifacts, along with historical tidbits like the observation by Greek writers that ancient Celts considered it “honorable to eat their dead fathers and to openly have intercourse, not only with unrelated women, but with their mothers and sisters as well.” My my – we knew the Celts were a wild bunch but that goes well beyond what we thought.

The blog features tons of interesting photos of very old Celtic items. It appears that the blog posts are all done by a Mr. Mac Congail. We’re not sure who he is but he’s doing a hell of a job. Balkancelts is a treasure trove of knowledge for those who want to delve very deeply into a particular part of the old Celtic world, and learn more about how they lived and the incredible things they left behind, like the amazing jewelry box pictured here.
very old celtic jewelry box

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