When it comes to Celtic rings and other accessories, guys are totally comfortable dressing up their look with a bit of silver or gold. Men in Europe and the U.S. seem to be more attracted to pieces of jewelry carrying Irish designs than almost any other culture’s. Celtic knot rings, which can be either quite delicate or muscular-looking, depending on the materials, have become popular with some men who like to show off their Irish heritage, and others who simply like them as a style statement. And jewelry designers have come up and all sorts of tie clips and other accessories to adorn the modern fellow who likes Celtic.

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The classic Claddagh ring is the most popular type of mens Celtic ring for many jewelers (more here about the story behind Claddagh ring design). But men also enjoy muscular “warrior” style rings or more delicate Trinity knot bands. Many couples also go in together for matching wedding ring sets, generally with the men’s ring being a bit wider than the ladies’.Claddagh ring celebrity

Rings and other jewelry have been status symbols in Celtic culture for men going back thousands of years. Many of the interlaced knot designs that now appear on Irish jewelry are said to have emerged with the beginning of Christianity in Ireland around 600 AD.
There are few styles that can compete with Celtic when it comes to looking ancient and totally modern at the same time.

Here are some of the most popular types of mens Celtic rings designers are creating today.

An outstanding “Corrib” Claddagh ring in gold from Fado designs:
mens corrib Claddagh ring in gold

A great silver mens wedding band with Claddagh and Celtic knot motifs:
Silver mens Claddagh and Celtic knot ring from Ireland

A fine, masculine sterling Silver Claddagh ring for men:

An “infinity” wedding band design in shining titanium for him or her. Custom made for you by Titanium Rings Studio:
Beautiful infinity Celtic ring in titanium

Other Fine Men’s Celtic Jewelry:

Beautiful men’s cufflinks from Irish designers Brian de Staic:
Celtic men's cufflinks from Ireland

A great Celtic tie clasp, offered in gold or silver:
Celtic men's tie clasp in gold or silver

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