We’ve seen gift ideas that include naming stars or planets after someone, so it’s little wonder that there’s now a terrestrial gift for those who want their name on a piece of Ireland.

For just 15 Euro, you can purchase a small plot of land on a farm in County Donegal owned by the McLaughlin Family. It’s a very small plot indeed: just one square inch of the old sod. At that rate, if you want to go to Ireland and stand on your plot of land, you’ll need to do it on a pogo stick.

You have to love the McLaughlin family’s marketing intelligence. With a purchase, you receive a certificate of ownership with “traditional Celtic style writing” in a lovely collector’s box. Both items are significantly larger than your plot of land.

The Landowner Certificate is offered as “a unique Irish Corporate gift,” a wedding or party favor or a way to celebrate your Irish heritage.

But wait, there’s more: Other things you can do as part of the “Landowner experience” include visiting the Irish-speaking area where the land is located and taking a class in Irish language, seeing nearby Tory Island and climbing nearby Muckish Mountain. Of course, we’re not sure why you can’t do any of these things without a Landowner Certificate, but we assume they’re all more fun when you have one.

A look at the promotional video made to promote this product makes it pretty clear that the McLaughlin Family sees the humor in all this pretty clearly:

To get your certificate, click here.

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