If you’ve shopped for jewelry on the web – particularly white gold jewelry – you’ve probably come across lots of pieces that include “rhodium plating.” If you’ve never heard of rhodium, you may wonder if it’s something that diminishes the value of a piece. But the fact is that rhodium is actually the most expensive precious metal in the world — by weight it costs about six times as much as gold. It has become popular because it offers some real benefits.why rhodium is good on white gold jewelry

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Rhodium is generally usually plated onto white gold to give it a super bright and hard wearing finish. It’s also sometimes used make yellow gold look more white, or to add shine and durability to silver jewelry. It’s also tarnish-resistant.

A Covering Only
You won’t find any pieces entirely made of rhodium because it’s too brittle. But plating with it can help prevent wear for ten years or more — particularly on things like broaches that contact the skin a great deal or rings that get touched or bumped into things a good deal. But rhodium has also given rise to a slightly different esthetic since jewelers began using it widely after World War II. It’s so bright, white and reflective that it gives pieces a dazzling look that you don’t find on vintage jewelry. It makes diamonds actually look bigger because it glints just like them. You won’t mistake rhodium for cheap chrome because it’s so much brighter.

Much of the white gold you’ll find out there has been created by adding palladium or nickel to yellow gold. But the gold created through that process retains a yellowish tinge. Rhodium is usually added on nowadays to create pieces that have truly white gold. Some have complained that the explosion in rhodium plating has led jewelers to create lower quality white gold because they know it will always be plated ultimately. On the other hand, the look of rhodium has now been so widely embraced that many women are actually bringing their yellow gold pieces to jewelers to have them plated with this bright white material.

Some key facts on rhodium:

  • It’s hypoallergenic, and will keep any white or yellow gold pieces from leaving a green tinge on your skin.
  • Many jewelers can plate a piece with rhodium for you. It’s important, however, to make sure that the jeweler is experienced in this process. Rhodium coating is done either with dipping or electroplating — electroplating is generally considered more desirable. Remember that a jeweler can also remove the plating later on.
  • Rhodium is best cleaned with mild detergent and water. Silver polishing cloths and jewelry cleaning chemical will cause it to wear off more quickly.
  • If you have a rhodium-plated ring, it’s a good idea to take it off when you do heavy work to help preserve it.

Rhodium does eventually tend to wear of over a long time. Keep in mind though, that because of skin chemistry and low wear, some people find that their rhodium pieces never wear down. The cost of re-plating depends, in large degree, on how thick a coating of rhodium the jeweler puts on. Make sure to ask lots of questions to make sure your jeweler is experienced in the process!

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