Robert Morris cuff bracelet wild jewelryWe spend lots of time looking for trends in jewelry design, and learning how Celtic pieces can be styled in to add some zest to your look. It’s great fun but sometimes we’re just a bit amazed by how “out there” some jewelry design has become. A few wild pieces that caught our eye this week:

Shop.HarpersBazaar this week featured this “Vintage 80s Robert Lee Morris Cuff”. Priced at $6500., we’re not sure whether it’s just a bracelet or something that doubles as a weapon of self defense. If it fills your heart’s desire, click on the photo to start shopping.

huge sapphire jagger ringAlso on Shop.HarpersBazaar is this “Sapphire Never Ending” ring. We love sapphire, and we hope you’ve got strong hands if you want to sport this bauble. The style seems, to us, a bit intergalactic.

celtic hair jewelry wildOne of the wilder Celtic pieces we’ve seen is this emerald “Celtic Drop Down” offered on Etsy by Blink Goddess Boutique. It’s a one of a kind, which has apparently sold. It seems clear that your hair won’t even consider moving out of place while you’re showing off the style with this unusual piece.

finnish jewelryStill on the Celtic front, we can’t help but notice this “Vintage Zoomorphic Finnish Beast Necklet” posted on Etsy by Heather Laurence. The zoomorphic element her seems to evoke the face of an elephant. If you love classic “warrior” type pieces, of if you have a particular interest in Finnish jewelry, it could attract just the right hunters for you!

wild beau han braceletFinally, we come to this Beau Han bracelet posted on the Facebook page of Gemologue, a jewelry blogger we like. We’re not sure what this “statement” bracelet is made of but we think it might be capable of moving on it’s own. To find out more about make this kind of statement, check out Gemologue here.

Seen any jewelry pieces that are a bit out there? Let us know by commenting below.

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