Celtic rings may be ancient, but they just keep growing in popularity.

Claddagh rings, Celtic wedding bands and the huge variety of Trinity knot rings out there have long had a following of Irish Americans. But these days, you can also see them on movie actors and rock stars the world over — many of whom just like to show off a little Celtic style even if they’ve got no Irish heritage.gold celtic knot ring with pearl from ireland

Irish and American Celtic rings come in gold, silver, platinum, with rubies, emeralds and diamonds, and in just about every other configuration you could possibly dream up. Some of the most interesting pieces we’ve seen lately are the Claddagh rings mixing silver and gold, and adding sharp modern accents to the old hands, heart and crown symbol (learn more about the meaning of the iconic Claddagh design here). Claddagh rings just happen to be one of the most popular types of rings for men on earth.

Have fun shopping our world class selections of:

If you’ve got a wedding in the future, you might also consider shopping here for one of the celtic wedding ring sets offered by our jewelers.

But you can also find everything from light, feminine Celtic Trinity knot rings with diamonds to bold warrior rings that make you look like you’re ready to ride into battle. What we do at Celtic Jewelry Designers is work with a very select group of jewelry makers, and put there very best pieces into one place where you can find an exquisite piece quickly.

Shopping Tips
If you’re buying online, keep a few things in mind:

Celtic Ring Sizing: Above all, it’s very important to get your ring size exactly correct before making a purchase, so you can avoid the hassle of having to send something back. Because many jewelers, including those on our site, make every ring to your personal order, they have somewhat limited return policies. The best way to find out your ring size is to go to a local jeweler and simply ask them to measure you. Alternatively, some vendors like our own Titanium Rings Studio will send you a free ring sizer before you order.

Hallmarking: If you order gold rings from Ireland, you’ll see many jewelers there saying their pieces are hallmarked by the Assay Office at Dublin Castle. This is an agency established all the way back in 1637, that guarantees the purity of gold in Irish jewelry. The hallmark is a nice extra guarantee of the quality of your gold piece.

Rhodium: You’ll note that many gold rings are plated with a material called rhodium. This has become popular in recent decades because if gives rings a white gold lustre that was never achievable on old gold rings. After many decades you may need to have a heavily worn ring replated with rhodium to recapure the high gloss look, but it’s not hard to do. Rhodium has become the most popular gold plating because it’s hypoallergenic and it just looks great, particularly on rings with any type of stone set in them.

Carats And Metals: One nice thing about buying online is that you can often choose exactly the width you want the carat of gold or metal style. See an example here of a georgious Tara ring from Brian de Staic, that ranges all the way from $103. to $1,073. depending on your choice of metal and carat.

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