C73 R125-18


Fado's Corrib Claddagh Collection is named for Lough Corrib, where the Corrib River flows out into Galway Bay. There it passes by the original site of the ancient village of Claddagh. It's where the original Claddagh ring was first created in the 17th century by Richard Joyce. The Corrib Claddagh Collection highlights this historic symbol of friendship, loyalty and love.
A beautiful Mens ring done here in 18k Gold. Width: 4.5mm.

All of Fado’s jewelry is handmade in Ireland and assayed and hallmarked by the Dublin Assay Office. If you are unsure of your ring size, please click here to read our important note on how to get a correct ring size for your order.

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In the old Gaelic language, fadó means “long ago.” In Ireland many favorite children’s stories will start out with “fadó fadó,” or “a long, long time ago.” Today Fadó creates a variety of Celtic jewelry, using the inspiration of our Celtic heritage but also creating very contemporary pieces using knots, Claddagh and other classic symbols.

We like to think that our Fadó jewelry captures the essence of Irish style and history, connecting our long past with the modern Irish world. Every piece we create is hallmarked at the Dublin Assay Office, giving you a guarantee of purity. Our craftsmen give an extraordinarily high level of attention to our detail, to create something beautiful and timeless for you.

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Also, please click here for an important note in ring sizing from Fadó.

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