There’s nothing better than a style trend that everyone has to invent their own definition for. Such is the “statement ring,” an idea that’s been with us for decades, but which isn’t anchored diamonds, gold, classic, romantic Celtic or any other styles. The one thing everyone seems to understand, however, is that it’s something you wear when you feel like standing out a bit.

A piece in the Wall Street Journal noted that designer Sabine Getty has decided that statement rings are about to make a big comestatementrings2back, but in a new and different way. Where women once liked to stack many rings on a single finger to make a statement, Ms. Getty’s “harlequin” rings combine sapphires, diamonds, emeralds that it takes just one of them to broadcast to the world that you have style. Of course, it’s doubtful that you could fit anything else on your hand with one of them.

Go For It!
Stacking groups of rings, according to jewelry Jay Hartington (also quote in The Journal) became popular around 2008, when women wanted to have fun without spending too much by ganging up slender pieces of costume jewelry on their little hands. Now, he says, the trend is more toward a single ring with multiple stones. Not everyone agrees though. Amanda Gizzi of the Jewelry Information Center says stacking rings remains a hot trend, adding that “From big statement rings worn on multiple fingers to multiple skinny rings stacked high on one finger, there is no wrong way to layer.”

A Long History

Many say the statement ring idea traces back to the depression, when wealth women went to speakeasies wearing massive “coctail” rings to ad sparkle to their wild outfits. The idea was that you should “dare to wear” whatever you could afford, and that the more outrageous your jewelry was, the more modern you were.

In the 1960’s, designer Pacco Rabanne became a big proponent of statement jewelry, saying that he “made jewelry for the alternative side of women’s personality, for their madness.” Who doesn’t love that?

Call it cocktail jewelry or a statement ring, but it seems that bright and slightly outragious rings will always be in style.

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