Claddagh rings are wildly popular with both men and women. As a result, they’ve attracted jewelry designers who have brought new and different visions to the original design that’s believed to trace back to the 1700’s in Galway, Ireland. Here are some great, and some wild one’s we’ve come across:

Classic antique Claddagh rings tend to be fairly straightforward, showing the basic hands, heart and crown motif on either silver or gold.
lovely antique claddagh ring

Although even in old days, some designers applied clever ideas, as with this two piece opening Claddagh ring from the Victorian era.
Amazing antique opening Claddagh ring
wild opening Claddagh ring from olden days

Modern designers have taken the Claddagh idea much further.
Here’s an elegant version where the crown motif is executed in silver and surrounded by wide bands of gold
sleek beautiful fado claddagh ring

A three piece folding Claddagh ring in silver.
unique three piece claddagh ring
three piece claddagh ring

A sleek modern ring with a silver Claddagh symbol and narrow gold bands
very sleek gold and silver claddagh ring from ireland

How about this wild Cubic Zirconia ring, handmade in the U.S.
claddagh ring in cubic zirconia

Or this laser-engraved tungsten Claddagh
beautiful tungsten claddagh ring

Unusual “Caged Hearts” ring with trinity knots as well.
caged hearts unique claddagh ring

If you like minimalist design, you’ll probably love this ultra-modern style of Claddagh ring.
super modern minimalist claddagh rings

And finally, here’s a truly wild one if you want to show off your Irish heritage in a more emphatic way!
wildest claddagh ring super modern

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