We love music and musicians. That’s why our eye was caught by a piece about a jewelry shop in Rhode Island that has made lovely bracelets out of the strings that guitarists constantly discard as the retune and restring their instruments.

fine bracelets from used guitar stringsHanna Garrison had lots of musician friends who kept leaving used guitar strings lying around in her studio. By adding tasteful clasps of many different designs, she turned the castaways into something that doesn’t look even a little bit like junk. And how she’s got more musician friends, including Eric Clapton, Maroon 5, Willie Nelson and others who give her strings to weave into find jewelry. Celtic and Irish musicians Bela Fleck, Floggins Molly and Carbon Leaf have also had their strings transformed at her shop.

Garrison’s company, WearYourMusic.com, is now successful enough so that it’s been able to donate $100. million to various charities. Pieces start as low as $10., with those made from famous musician’s strings going for over $50. Find out more here.

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