The Signet Company happens to be the largest jewelry retailer in the United States, owning both Kay’s and Zale’s and selling about $4 billion in bling each year. The company wanted to know more about it’s mid market customers – defined as people who buy pretty things priced from $100 to $10,000. It found there are five distinct types of jewelry buyers. Hmm…we never knew $10,000. jewels were in the “middle” price range.

Which one of Signet’s shopper types are you?

Stylish Shopper
You wear all different kinds of jewelry, wear it often, and think of your jewels in terms of how they fit with your outfit. You shop at several jewelry outlets.

You are very-brand focused, and like to show off the fact that you can afford the best. You love status symbols.

You go for timeless pieces, and enjoy spending the time to learn a great deal about the quality and style of a piece of jewelry.

Pure Gifter
You never buy jewelry for yourself – only to give gifts to others. You probably know very little about jewelry and need lots of advice from a jeweler.

Practical Shopper
You like low-cost jewelry, which you wear all the time.

Which type of jewelry buyer are you?

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