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Celtic crosses are some of the oldest symbols you’ll find in Irish and Celtic jewelry. The designs are largely drawn from the hundreds of Celtic or “Moon High” crosses that still dot the Irish landscape, many put up by pagans centuries ago (read more here about how these ancient stone monuments came to fascinate modern fashion designers).

justin timberlake's celtic cross tattooMore than most old religious icons, Celtic crosses seem to have taken many, many new lives of their own. It started when Christians adopted them from the old pagans, but it went farther than anyone could have imagined in the modern world. Today, Celtic crosses are popular across a spectrum that runs from Irish Americans to country and western singers, rock stars and movie actors. You’ll find them popping up on tv’s “Buffy the Vampire Killer” and in tattoos on Colin Farrell, Justin Timberlake and other luminaries. Jewelry designers now create them in mixes of gold and silver, studded with diamonds and sometimes with Claddagh images embedded in them for good measure.

Celtic cross pendants are available in a stunning array of styles. From extremely delicate necklaces to sleek modern pieces, there are all sorts of options for you, whatever kind of impression you want to create.

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unusual celtic cross pendant in silver and goldAlso, you can read more here on what Celtic crosses really meant to ancient pagans.

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